Should you make the switch from QuickBooks?

I wanted to share with you an email that I received from a client that needs some help with QuickBooks:


Thanks so much for helping me with QuickBooks.

I have recently learned of FreshBooks and Wave Accounting. Are they better or do they supplement QuickBooks?

Do you think I should switch?

Karen (Name Changed to Protect the Innocent)

P.S. Don’t laugh at how bad business has been!

My Response:


Great questions. I will start with the P.S.

I could never laugh at how bad business has been. Only a short few years ago I remember when I started out in business. If I was to tell you the truth I was fired because my employer felt threatened by me when I told him I was thinking about going out into business for myself. Unemployment was a good thing for me and my family. So how can I laugh at you? Did you depend on unemployment while trying to run your business? I count never laugh at your situation.

In regards to Wave Accounting. Wave is a free software not sure I would suggest that you switch. It does not have any functionality that you cannot accomplish with QuickBooks. Also you have already paid for Quickbooks so I’m not sure what you will gain by switching.

FreshBooks is another Accounting software. FreshBooks is not free. In order to answer your question; here’s a question – What features do you need, or what are you attempting to accomplish in QuickBooks that you cannot currently do? This will determine if switching is warranted.

My experience is that most QuickBooks users look to switch because they don’t understand their business process or how to use a specific feature in QuickBooks.

Look forward to working with you.

To your QuickBooks Success,


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