Office Manager Embezzles Thousands! Will you be next?

Are your employees taking what is rightfully yours? Over the years, I have walked into many medical offices and noticed an alarming lack of internal controls. The problem seems to be most common among owners who started out on their own, without any employees or...Continue Reading

Top 3 Reasons why Small Businesses Fail

topBefore You Say “I Do” Before you say I do, before you make the investment, before you hang the sign, before you set up the company, there is something that you should know. Small businesses are similar to a marriage – no one goes into...Continue Reading

Who Wants to be Viewed as the Bad Guy?

whowants  Who wants to be viewed as the bad guy? Well, if you’re running a small business, sometimes being the bad guy is a good thing. Unfortunately, business can’t all be peaches and cream. When you are building your empire, you’ll have to make tough...Continue Reading

How to Determine if Your Business is Operating with Integrity

determineAs a small business owner, you should always be concerned with the way your customers or clients perceive your company. A big part of that perception is making sure you’re operating with integrity. Does the general public view you as a sneaky, gold-toothed swindler, or...Continue Reading


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