Keeping In Touch With Your Patients

keeping-in-touchDo you know the feeling you get when you receive a phone call from a friend you haven’t seen in a while? A friend who just wants to catch up and see how you are doing. It feels good, doesn’t it? Why not assign someone...Continue Reading

Do You Have Patient Loyalty Programs in Place?

doyouLast month we addressed the importance of showing appreciation and gratitude to your patients. Implementing a patient loyalty or rewards program is an ideal way to show your appreciation while at the same time increasing patient loyalty and generating referrals. Simply put, a loyalty program...Continue Reading

Referral Marketing : It Helps To Have a Plan

referralAs you know, referral marketing is a way of promoting your services to new customers through referrals. Yes, referrals might happen spontaneously but why leave it to chance? You can and should create and implement a strategic “referral marketing” campaign as part of your marketing...Continue Reading

Showing Your Patients Appreciation and Gratitude

showingIn today’s busy high-tech world people all over, of all different ages and backgrounds, are seeking ways to develop and maintain personal relationships. Life is rushed. Time is precious and technology is taking over the way we communicate. Saying thank-you is done with a quick...Continue Reading


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