School is in Session

willIt was the end of summer in 1987. I could hardly believe summer was over and I was sitting in the auditorium for orientation. I was a sixth grader and it was time to grow up and be a man (I thought). It was a...Continue Reading

Preparing for Tax Prep: 5 Tips

preparingPrepare for preparation? Yes, it’s more than a good idea. It can have significant impact on your tax obligation. You know how onerous tax preparation itself can be. So you probably don’t like to even think about it until those deadlines loom. But some planning...Continue Reading

Contractor or Employee? How the Income Tax Obligations Differ

contractorIt’s a very important distinction, and one that can get you in hot water if you misclassify workers. Full-time employees of companies often look at independent contractors with envy. They can generally work whatever hours they want. They can sit at a computer, make phone calls,...Continue Reading

Giving Away Money? Know the Tax Laws

givingIt's important that you know your Tax Laws. (FOR DEMO: REMOVE THIS SENTENCE) Feeling generous? Want to give a gift of cash or something equivalent to a family member or friend? You should understand the tax implications. There are numerous reasons why you might want...Continue Reading


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