Should you make the switch from QuickBooks?

I wanted to share with you an email that I received from a client that needs some help with QuickBooks: Will, Thanks so much for helping me with QuickBooks. I have recently learned of FreshBooks and Wave Accounting. Are they better or do they supplement...Continue Reading

An Introduction to the QuickBooks Online Customer Page

newsletterYour customers are the heartbeat of your business. QuickBooks Online helps you keep them happy. Do you remember how you used to keep track of information about your customers before you started using a computer for your accounting? A file folder containing paper transaction forms...Continue Reading

Preventing Bookkeeper Fraud

fraudOne of the most common forms of internal fraud is bookkeeper fraud, a form of occupational fraud perpetuated by an employee. Bookkeeper fraud arises when a trusted employee has been granted full authority to issue and reconcile payments. As a result, fraud is facilitated by...Continue Reading


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