Bookkeeper Wanted: How to Find a Good Bookkeeper

helpYou can’t just let anyone handle your financial records. You have to look for someone efficient, detail-oriented and patient to do this for you. You can’t afford any mistakes when it comes to your bookkeeping because it will definitely have a huge impact on your...Continue Reading

Precise MGMT is Now Helping Small Business Owners Leverage Technology for Bookkeeping Tasks

nl_banner_3aCompany helping make entrepreneurs’ lives easier through computer-based bookkeeping NEW YORK, NY – Precise MGMT, a financial company focused on helping small business owners with their tax planning, bookkeeping and payroll needs, announced it is now training small business owners in ways to leverage technology...Continue Reading

Has This Ever Happen To You?

precisemgmt-828f5749-fdd1-4d90-a268-6aefcb150461-v2Joe is a small business owner who’s passionate about entrepreneurship—he built his business from the ground up with his own two hands! Unfortunately, while Joe is great at attracting new customers, dreaming up new products, services and making sure his customers stay happy, he’s pretty terrible when...Continue Reading


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