20 Massive Mistakes Small Business Owner Make

Young Entrepreneurs Forum published “20 Massive Mistakes Small Business Owner Makes”.  Although published 2 years ago (in 2016) these are as relevant as ever.  In reality, making any one of these mistakes can be costly, so study all of these carefully and do your best not to make any of these mistakes.


1 – Expecting Too Much in Short Time



2 – You Don’t Enjoy What You Do.



3 – Don’t Have A Good Business Plan



Mistake #4 – Don’t Have Any Plans or Strategy


Mistake #5 – Not Analyzing the Market for Correct Pricing.


Mistake #6 – Not Having Any Budget.



Mistake #7 – Spending Money on Non-Traceable Ads


Mistake #8 – Don’t Trace Results


Mistake #9 – Think in a Closed Box.


Mistake #10 – Don’t Know What Plans to Set.