3 Challenges Small Businesses Face During the Festive Season: What Can You do Differently in 2020?

Everyone—consumers AND businesses—are counting down the days: the festive season is coming. While consumers spend, businesses enjoy increased sales. For many, it’s the busiest time of the year.

But all-round success isn’t guaranteed. Even if you’re making money, you’ll face other unique festive season challenges that can make or break your company.

Can you be more prepared this year than last? We’ll list three creative small business ideas to increase your chances of having a successful 2020.

Getting Noticed

All brands are trying to sell THEIR products as the must-haves of the season. So, how do you get your business noticed?

A smart place to start is by reviewing data from last year:

  • Which ads drew the most traction?
  • Which days had the most sales?
  • Do people respond more to emails or phone calls?

Building your marketing campaign around these numbers is more effective.

And never forget digital marketing. Utilizing a social media management program this festive season could be your key to success.

Coping with the Chaos

With increased activity, the workload becomes overwhelming, tasks are forgotten or mistakes are made. One place you can’t afford this is in your accounting office. Faulty statements can upset clients and affect your revenue.

Solution: Use software to your advantage. But we also know software programs can be daunting.

Want to make sure your accounting department is ready for the upcoming season? Something as simple as a live online audit for accounting software like QuickBooks can help you:

  • Identify problems
  • Optimize the use of features
  • Streamline your system
  • Discover better methods that will save you time

Managing Your Reputation

In the modern age, news spreads quickly so make sure your brand’s reputation is exemplary.

While you focus on your clients during the festive rush it’s easy to forget about your suppliers who won’t appreciate late payments due to negligence or you having a busy day.

Once again, technology comes to your rescue. Modern software programs like Precise Bill Pay can monitor all your accounts payable so you never miss a payment again.

Enjoy the festive benefits with very little effort on your part. Your business’ 2019 festive season can give you the momentum to enjoy an exceptional 2020.

So, don’t delay.

Schedule your FREE 45-minute Live QuickBooks Audit and we’ll show you how to build your business the right way.