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7 Creative Ways to Automate Your Small Business

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"My life before Keap was really unorganized. I’d get hundreds of texts, phone calls, and e-mails a day. With Keap I can set up reminders and tasks and link them to the contact… it’s been amazing."

- Bobbi Jo Thuet | Owner of Light Align

"Before Keap, I was doing everything myself, the software has allowed me to step away from that role and focus on getting new business."

- Bryce Henderson | Four Peaks Realty

Impressive, right?

During this powerful webinar, we’re going to break down the process we use to help Coaches and Consultants Automate their business.

Step-by-step, we’re going to show you how to duplicate this level of success.

Plus, we’ll be revealing:

How to Automate
Getting paid

How to Automate Your Networking Followup

How Automate
Your Sales Process

And other never-before shared secrets.

This webinar is for Coaches and Consultants who are ready
to take some big steps to put in the work and reap the rewards.

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About the Presenter

Will Clanton
Founder / CEO of Precise MGMT

Will has helped countless entrepreneurs launch and scale their ventures through financial literacy and tax management. A financial prodigy, Will started preparing tax returns for family and friends while in high school. Recognized for his natural ability, Will has been sought-after by some of the most prominent accounting firms in the New York metropolitan area. While making a full-time salary working one day a week, Will spent his spare time laying the foundation for Precise MGMT more than a decade ago. As founder and managing director, Will leads a team of experts and has grown the company into a multi-functional business management consulting firm. Now he is focused on sharing his breadth of knowledge and experience with those who are serious about building a successful business and transforming their lives.