About Us

Our History

At 16 years old, while most of his friends were playing video games, our founder was doing people’s tax returns….and he never looked back. After his first internship at a small CPA firm, he realized he wasn’t just interested in getting businesses to be financially compliant; he wanted to help them grow.

Our Core Values

We know that as a business owner, your time is one of your most valuable assets. So our focus is helping you work smarter…not harder! To do this, we rely on 5 key principles.

Do What you Love

We believe life is short. We support our team to do what they love. We strive to make sure everyone we influence is working in their strength zone.

Continuous Self Improvement

Every day in every way we are getting better and better. Our success is dependent on everyone connected to us continuing to improve on a never-ending basis.

None of Us are as Smart as All of Us

We check our egos at the door. We believe if we can collaborate with our team and our clients, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.


We love entrepreneurship. We love the freedom and flexibility it provides. We only work with clients that are all about starting, strategizing, scaling and managing a business venture.

Promise Keepers

At Precise it is important for us to live up to our name. We guarantee that we will do what we say we will do. If we ever fall short, we do everything in our power to fix it.


We deliver exceptional service to our clients, every step of the way.

  • We have a conversation to learn about a business owner and their company. We identify their goals and discuss what’s getting in their way. By viewing problems as launching pads to breakthroughs, we develop an execution plan.
  • Then we provide support in bringing business improvements to life.

From our long-standing remote work arrangements and extraordinary availability, our clients benefit from the collaboration they want, when they want it.


Though our work includes tracking transactions, our business is based on personal relationships.

  • Through our vast network of service partners we can source work efficiently, enabling us to provide flat rate quotes.
  • We are honored to have won the USPAACC Northeast Region Chamber of Commerce Top 10 Business Award.

But we are more proud of what we do: Providing impeccable work at excellent rates so entrepreneurs can enhance their business success, and transform their lives!