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Best Year Ever!

The Best Year Ever Workshop Covers:

  • How to visualize your best year ever
  • How to have consistent revenue growth
  • Techniques to stop feeling stressed around money
  • Gain perspective of how to solve your biggest business challenge
  • Discover what is stopping you from making progress

January 24, 2023 @ 7:00 - 8:30 PM EST

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This workshop is for entrepreneurs who want to make an impact by executing a proven framework for an easier, more efficient way to reach their goals and make more money.

This Workshop Offers You:

A customized
Execution plan

Easy to
implement techniques

Real results for
high achievers

Straight forward system
that really works

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  • Get a chance to work with us and like minded entrepreneurs for the next 90 days
  • Get our weekly reflection worksheet for clarity and motivation
  • Get our weekly goal worksheet to stay consistent and on track

About the Presenters

Will Clanton, CPA
Founder / CEO
Precise MGMT

Will has helped countless entrepreneurs launch and scale their ventures through financial literacy and tax management. A financial prodigy, Will started preparing tax returns for family and friends while in high school. Recognized for his natural ability, Will has been sought-after by some of the most prominent accounting firms in the New York metropolitan area.

Bryan Winston ACC, CPC
Certified Executive Peak Performance Coach
at Winston Mindset Coaching

As an executive coach, Bryan Winston works with high performing executives and groundbreaking business owners to see above the clouds and create something new; something superior.

Stéphanie Virchaux
Founder SV Empowerment
Professional Certified Coach

Stéphanie Virchaux is a ICF Credentialed Certified Empowerment Coach, Motivational Speaker and founder of SV Empowerment.

Stéphanie specializes in coaching ambitious senior executives, business leaders, and entrepreneurs how to optimize peak performance through mastering energetics while infusing every area of their life with joy.

Her methods are solution-focused and encompass a holistic combination of coaching, neuroscience, emotional intelligence and energy psychology modalities leading to a longer-lasting and fulfilling results.

"Will is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. He worked closely with me and my team to streamline our processes which saved us time and money. It is clear he is passionate about his work. Will’s knowledge and patience helped us make improvements to our daily workflow for which we continue to reap the benefits. I highly recommend working with Will."

Susan Sacco
Promotion Products Expert, Business Owner

"Bryan is a talented and very effective coach. He has a unique and differentiated approach. It includes viewing one’s situation through lenses that help us to analyze our story in way that fosters our personal growth AND our potential. I’d recommend Bryan to anyone who wants to take their performance to the next level AND to break free from our own mental prisons."

Zachary G
Financial Professional

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