Looking for a Bookkeeper? Here Are 5 Tips to Get You Started

looking for a bookkeeper post image

If you’re tired of looking for a bookkeeper, then here are five tips to help you to find one quickly.   Tip 1: Ask friends, relatives and business associates if they know any qualified bookkeepers they can recommend to you. Also, ask your accountant or banker if they know of anyone who is taking on…

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How to Grow Your Bookkeeping / Accounting Business

Transcript   Will: I’m really excited about this particular topic and I think there’s a few reasons why this topic really excites me. First let me start off by telling you that there are changes coming to our community. The only constant in life is change, so if we’re going to continue to impact people’s…

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How to Manage QuickBooks for Attorneys

How to manage quickbooks for attorneys

Transcript Will: Okay, guys let’s just jump in. I’m going to share my screen here and we’ll get going. Then, remember, the Q and A part, I’m going to go through this first and then we’ll take any Q and A questions that we have, I’ll answer anything – I’ll answer items that are related…

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Setting Up Recurring Bills Or Expenses (QBO PDF Checklist)

Setting Up Recurring Expenses or Bills. Go to Expenses—>Vendors Choose vendor Open an existing recurring bill or expense (example: Rent) At the bottom, choose Make Recurring At the top, choose Scheduled in the drop down Choose interval (Example: Monthly on the 1st, start date 8/1/2022) Save Template Download PDF Checklist

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How To Manage Your Business Accounts Without Your Accountant

July 2022 QuickBooks Blog Post Featured Image

“Account” can mean more than one thing in QuickBooks Online. Here’s a look at its multiple concepts. Until you started doing your company’s accounting, the word “account” probably meant a checking or savings account at a bank or your identifying information at a place like a brokerage. In QuickBooks Online, “account” can mean the same…

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Working with Downloaded Transactions in QuickBooks Online

working with downloaded transactions in quickibooks online

Downloading transactions into QBO is the easy part. You still have work to do once they’re on board. Its ability to download financial transactions is one of the five best things about QuickBooks Online. Without it, you’d spend a lot of time on tedious data entry, verifying which checks and deposits had cleared and entering…

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Converting from Quickbooks Desktop to Quickbooks Online

Convert QuickBooks Desktop to QBO

Download PDF Checklist Pre-Conversion Create a new QuickBooks Online subscription QuickBooks Online Accountant > Quick Create > Client Follow prompts Choose subscription & who will pay the subscription fees Sign out of QuickBooks Online Accountant Confirm QuickBooks Desktop file will convert: Open desktop file and run some utilities File > Utilities > Verify Data File…

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