How to Create a Consistent Marketing Strategy

I can’t tell you how many of my clients spin their wheels when trying to develop a marketing strategy that works.


Most small business owners know they must have brand visibility to draw in clients. And some might start ok with their marketing efforts, but as time goes on, they struggle to remain consistent in their endeavors.


But lack of consistency = inconsistent results.


Many people struggle with inconsistency, not just in business, but in many areas of life. We live in a “quick results” world, where if you aren’t receiving results fast enough, you quit and move on to the next latest and greatest idea that guarantees fast results.


But in the business world, this inconsistency means potential confusion for customers. Or worse, they may view your business as unreliable or “flighty,” choosing to take their business elsewhere


Why is consistency so important?


A consistent marketing schedule is key to building your brand’s ‘know, like and trust’ factor. As important as your other lead generation strategies, visibility is key to reaching new, prospective clients.

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But in order for potential customers to want to work with you, they first look to get to know you and your brand.


By showing up consistently, customers can begin to understand what your business is about. They get a sense of your thought leadership. They better understand your service or product. They learn valuable information from you.


And showing up consistently helps you foster relationships with your audience and allows you to hear directly from potential clients about what they are looking for.


Where some businesses go wrong


Let’s say you’ve decided to dedicate 2023 to implementing a solid marketing plan. You’ve committed to posting regularly on social media, putting out YouTube videos or reels, producing a blog and running strategic ad campaigns.


Everything starts off great - you’re getting likes on your posts, and potential clients are engaging with you.


But as the newness wears off, you might see your post engagement drop. Maybe you’re not getting as many immediate sales as you thought you would. Maybe you’re not getting as many DM’s or emails. And you struggle with coming up with ideas on what to post next.


This is where a lot of business owners make a mistake. They assume their efforts are a waste because engagement has gone down. And with so many other, more “important” tasks in running their business, social media and marketing become something you only do if you have time (which you rarely do!).


But for your potential customers, seeing inconsistent messaging can be confusing. Even if they’re not engaging with your social media posts, it doesn’t mean they’re not showing up and viewing your videos or reading your content.

Stay Consistent

Consistency - the key to any marketing strategy


I understand it can be difficult to stick to a consistent marketing and social media strategy. I was once there - posting sporadically and hoping for the best. And because writing isn’t my forte, I used it as an excuse for not posting consistently.


But to create know, like and trust, forging relationships and fostering communication with potential clients is key. And developing a plan to do this is imperative.

  • Come up with a plan you can stick to - like any other business strategy, developing a realistic plan that you can stick to is important. Remember, inconsistency = inconsistent results
  • Prioritize marketing as you would any other lead generation activity - engaging with potential clients is something you need to do on a regular basis. Just as with any other lead generation activity your business does, engaging with clients on social media and sharing your thought leadership is a key part of your sales and marketing plan
  • Make it a habit - they say it takes 21 days to develop a habit. By creating content and showing up consistently, your marketing efforts will become a habit and are less likely to get pushed aside
  • Stick to your strength zone and get help - if you struggle with writing or coming up with a new post or blog ideas, you’re not alone. I am a big proponent of staying in your strength zone, and hiring experts in their field. By hiring a copywriter and social media content creator, they can take this task off your plate, putting time back into your calendar to focus on other business requirements
Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose and of action over a long period of time

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