What Are Cancellations Costing You

REVENUE: Cancellations are a major headache for every dental practice. But have you ever done the math to discover just how much they’re hurting your bottom line? With the average cost of a dental exam close to $1001 two cancellations per day can cost you $1,00 a week, or $52,000 a year. When patients cancel costlier procedures, like root canals or fillings, you stand to lose even more. Ouch! When a patient cancels at the last minute, it creates a hole in your day. If you don’t fill the appointment slot, valuable chair time goes to waste. That’s lost revenue you can never get back.

PRODUCTIVITY: Sure, you can fill cancelled appointment slots the old-fashioned way—digging up the list of patients who’ve asked for earlier appointments, rushing to call them, and playing phone tag until you finally find a replacement. But while this approach may fill your chairs, it also costs your practice plenty in time and efficiency. Doesn’t your front desk staff have better things to do than scramble to deal with last-minute cancellations? In a recent survey, 70 percent of front desk staff say their duties have increased in the past 2 years, but 63 percent say the number of staff members on their team has stayed the same or even decreased 1. Manually calling patients to fill last-minute cancellation spots puts your staff even further behind on their daily to-do list.

REPUTATION: Last-minute cancellations affect the efficiency of the entire office—not just the front desk staff. With the average dentist seeing 2.5 patients per hour, changes to the schedule when a patient cancels can severely impact the flow of work for dentists and hygienists. If delays trickle down and other patients are kept waiting, it can hurt your reputation as they complain on social media or give you a bad review online.

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