Client Accounting Services

Our CAS (Client Accounting Services) offers small business owners with bookkeeping, payroll and monitoring services to provide business owners with the financial understanding and support to succeed.nWe offer these services weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.n

Small Business Bookkeeping with QuickBooks Pro Online, XERO or Wave

We will post and classify all of the activity from your QuickBooks, Xero or Wave accounts. At the end of the month we will reconcile all your accounts and provide you with customized financial reports for your business.

Payroll with Intuit Payroll

For our Intuit Payroll service, each payroll period, we will review and/or enter the payroll data that you submit to us. We will use the information you supply to prepare the payroll including accrued payroll liabilities payments using the Electronic Federal Taxpayer Payment System. On a quarterly basis, we will prepare the federal unemployment tax deposit, and we will prepare and file the federal payroll tax return and state unemployment insurance returns. On an annual basis, we will prepare all compliance forms including the federal and state withholding and unemployment tax returns, employee W-2s, and W-3 transmittals.n

Monitoring with Business Advisement

We will provide strategic business advice to our clients. In establishing an ongoing financial and advisory relationship we will meet with you virtually to discuss the financial reports, strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting, helping clients understand their financials so that they can make informed changes in your business.

This service will include:

  • Establish ongoing financial and tax planning advisory relationship
  • Conduct annual corporate tax planning
  • Review and assist with the preparation of quarterly and annual payroll tax reports, when applicable
  • Management Team Conferences
  • Year-end Workpapers
  • Year-end Tax Review
  • Due Date Monitoring
  • Tax Alerts
  • Unlimited Phone Consultations
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