Implement a Cash Flow Projection Before It’s Too Late.

Recently one of our clients was talking to us about their business. One of the major pain issues was that there was a third party payor that was slow in paying his bills. Sometimes the payor would make the business owner wait 60-90 days before settling the amount due. This was a significant payor for the business owner. It was causing the business owner stress and always worrying how he would pay his bills and employees.


The solution was to create a strategy to increase cash flow and implement a cash flow projection and monitor on a weekly basis.

Advisor Role

  • We put together a strategic plan to increase cash flow in the business.
  • We implemented a cash flow projection and update it weekly for the business owner so that there are no surprises.
  • We work with the business owner administrative assistant to guide them on best practices for all payments and collections.

Benefits for client

  • The client average cash balance went from $7k per month to $49k per month
  • Our client was able to sleep better at night.
  • Our client never worries about his cash flow and is able to see what his cash will be in the next 45 days.

“Cash is King” Jack Welch