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Get back to your business! Save over 50% of the time it takes to pay bills and get paid 2-3 times faster with Precise MGMT Bill Pay.

Looking to spend less time on bill pay and more time on your business? Allow Precise MGMT to manage the complexities of your bill payment needs, so you can focus less on administrative tasks and more on strategies that drive growth.

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Improve your cash flow management by outsourcing your bill pay to Precise MGMT

Simplify the bill pay process

Our team will enter, categorize and track your bills. All you have to do is approve them – in one click, from wherever you are.

Simplify data entry

Precise MGMT Bill Pay automatically syncs with your accounting software, reducing the possibility of manual entry errors.

Gain visibility and control.

When you’re in control of approvals, you can get a clearer understanding of your company’s cash flow and financial big picture.

Reduce fraud.

With bank-level protection, Precise MGMT Bill Pay takes measures optimized to the highest industry standards to protect your business information.

Stay organized and audit-ready.

Get detailed audit trails that show exactly who did what transaction with date and time stamping at any point in the future.

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