Life Can be Better Than You Think

Image for Main Article PreciseMGMT Small Business Newsletter September 2018

Let me start by apologizing in advance.

Some of you have not heard from me via this communication in a while. We have been experiencing some growing pains that spread me too thin.

Can you relate?

For those of you hearing from me for the first time, I apologize for interfering in your life.

You probably were taught growing up “don’t talk to strangers.” You don’t know me from Adam and we just met a few sentences ago.

If you are going to get anything out if this interaction, I need to ask you for a favor. I’m not sure where you are right now. Whatever you are doing, I need you to stop.

Don’t attempt to multitask.

Just chill for a minute and focus.

I know there are so many things that you need to accomplish.

Just give me a few minutes to build a case, and I promise if you stay connected to me and my team, the resources we provide will transform your life. This is about your future, your freedom and your wealth. Take the time now to focus on what I’m about to share with you.

If you disregard me now, we may never have this opportunity again.

The truth is I’m tired of all the lies I have heard about business. Especially small business. I have decided to change how we communicate with you because it was time that someone told you the truth.

It is my hope that you are cut from a different cloth and that you can handle the truth. I don’t care what you heard prior to this. I’m not writing from what I’ve read in books. I’m writing from what I have experienced on a day-to-day basis running my own business and consulting clients to run theirs.

This is the real deal.

In the upcoming weeks and throughout our relationship it is my intent to call a spade a spade and get naked with you and share with you what most advisors won’t – my failures and some of the things that I have seen that will blow your mind.

I don’t claim to know it all and I fail more than most people can imagine. What makes me intelligent is I surround myself with people who love serving entrepreneurs.

From time to time you will hear ideas, thoughts or takeaways that are from the experience we have gained down through the years. It is my hope that you will use what you uncover in this communication to design your business based upon your terms.

Building a business based upon your terms is a key point that I think most entrepreneurs forget once they have been in business for a little while. But don’t worry – I will be in your ear to remind you.

I need to warn you that I’m the type of person that tends to go against the grain.

Who said “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too?” They lied to you. I don’t know who came up with that quote or phrase, but when you are in the driver’s seat of your business, you get to create a business based upon your dreams.

Transforming your lifestyle is all about building a business based upon your desires.

You can do the things you love to do and get someone else to do the things you hate.

You can work when you want to work.

You pick who gets to be in your cubicle.

You don’t need permission to take a vacation.

When you need more money in the bank account, you just deliver more value or scale your company.

It’s just that simple.

But I noticed over the years that most people never get it. So I will share with you the real stuff that we see on a daily basis.

Hopefully, you can glean nuggets from our mistakes and not fail the way we have. Yes, life can be better than you think. There is not enough time and space to give it to you in one sitting, but stay with me as we work on maximizing your business growth…

To Be Continued….