Looking for a Bookkeeper? Here Are 5 Tips to Get You Started

If you’re tired of looking for a bookkeeper, then here are five tips to help you to find one quickly.


looking for a bookkeeper ask

Tip 1:

Ask friends, relatives and business associates if they know any qualified bookkeepers they can recommend to you. Also, ask your accountant or banker if they know of anyone who is taking on clients.


looking for a bookkeeper? Research Online

Tip 2:

Go online and search Craigslist.org, Kijiji.com and any other business directory who may have bookkeepers listed. The first two sites alone should help you find a few really good leads. Also, do a Google search for your local area to locate bookkeepers who have their own websites. This is ideal as you can learn a great deal about a bookkeeper by visiting their website.


looking for a bookkeeper check out classified ads

Tip 3:

Check out the classified ads in your local newspaper or pennysaver publications. Many bookkeepers who are taking on new clients will place ads to generate new business. As most ads are quite brief, you’ll just have to call to find out more about the bookkeeper.


looking for a bookkeeper check online forums

Tip 4:

If your trade or business has an online forum where you can go to chat with other business people, you can make a post stating that you’re looking for a bookkeeper. Bookkeepers frequently join forums in businesses that they specialize in so they can find clients in that field.


looking for a bookkeeper on facebook

Tip 5:

Join Facebook.com and make a post about your need for a bookkeeper. These online communities are extremely huge and many times you can find a recommendation through a contact you meet there.

Many of these tips involve online research, but that’s where you’ll have the most success when you are looking for a bookkeeper these days. Make sure you check references and feel comfortable with any bookkeeper you happen to find.