Business Manager Services

Are tedious tasks keeping you from doing what you love?

Following your passion but getting weighed down by the logistics of the job? This is a common occurrence for many business owners (i.e. dentist, coaches). You probably wish you have a team on your side that can handle the nitty-gritty tasks of the business, right?

We can do that and more.

THE #1 Solution for Small Business Owners: Precise Business Manager Services

As a small business owner, you want to get on with what you love to do: helping individuals, groups or businesses reach their goals. But your business requires a few basic procedures to succeed and grow. This limits how much time you have for consultations.
But now you have a solution. 
With our Business Manager Service, all those overwhelming tasks that rob you of time are taken care of, so you can focus on your clients. 
Want an administrative solution that makes practical and financial sense?

All the Services You Need in One

You’ll have a business manager to support you & based on the scope of your business and your current needs, you can opt for the following services:

Bookkeeping and keeping your QuickBooks account in order
Payment collection and bill payment
Appointment scheduling
CPA liaison for tax purposes
Providing video/screen sharing software
Payroll processing
Regular reporting to help you make informed business decisions
Tax Alerts
Unlimited Phone Consultations

List of Services

We’ll keep a digital file with all information, for your easy access. If it’s time for an audit, all your information will be on hand.

Become more focused
Be better at communicating
Find new purpose and drive for their work
Discover which roles suit which person the best
Have practical plans for their futures
There are no limits to their involvement, their goals are to make sure they can provide us with accounting support, financial and general management suggestions and recommendations from an outsider point of view to ensure our company continues to be a to be well-financed and well-managed organization. Albert Wei, Vizion Logistics