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What if running your business didn’t have to be so hard?
What if you could do more of what you love and leave the rest to someone else?
That’s exactly what we have to offer.
We want to help run your business in the same way we’ve helped many other businesses to date, including ourselves.
And we have the team to get it right.

Did you know that 59% of businesses use outsourcing as a cost-cutting tool?
Outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting makes sense.

Are you ready for your team?

Accounting is essential to your business success, but you may not have the time, skills, or expertise to get it right.  Guess what:  you don’t have to anymore!  If bookkeeping or accounting is not your forte, leave it to our team of experts:

  • Bookkeeper/Bookkeeping

    Get a bookkeeper to record and reconcile all of your financial transactions

  • Business Manager

    Do you need someone to pay your bills, process your payroll, bill your clients, keep your numbers up to date in real-time?

  • Payroll Processor

    Do you need to pay your employees and need an efficient process to capture hours and take away the payroll nightmares?

  • Accountant

    Do you have your bookkeeper or office manager that takes care of your books?  Do you need someone to support them to make sure the numbers are correct?

All of our outsourced services include the following roles to give you precise service

  • Account Manager

    Responsible to check and review your information for quality control and your direct contact. 

  • Client Service Coordinator

    Makes sure that your work is being completed in an efficient manner.  Your CSC cracks the whip on your team.

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“William Clanton and the team at Precise Management have been one of the best things that have ever happened to my business and my life! As an executive coach, my days are filled with client calls, research, and study. On top of balancing a personal life, I found bookkeeping, sending contracts, and my other essential backend tasks to be tedious, annoying, and sometimes impossible. With the help of the team and with Will’s valuable advice now I can concentrate on mastering my craft and giving the service I enjoy. Thanks, Team!”

Bryan Winston, Bryan Winston Coaching