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This Month's Topic:

How to Grow Your Bookkeeping or Accounting Business

  • How to organize the work
  • How to get your free subscription to Quickbooks
  • How to Market yourself

October 11, 2022 @ 12:30 PM EST

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Precise MGMT QuickBooks Webinars are for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve while sharpening their skills for an easier, more efficient, more effective experience with QuickBooks.

As a certified QuickBooks pro advisor, Precise MGMT founder Will Clanton, CPA is the first to know about new changes, enhancements and features. He shares those insights as well as his expertise using, customizing and optimizing QuickBooks for different types of businesses.

The webinars focus on a different topic each month. Those who sign up can submit requests on this page or through the Precise MGMT QuickBooks Facebook Group.

Precise MGMT QuickBooks Webinars Offer You:

Engaging demos of new changes, enhancements & features

Tips for a better experience with QuickBooks

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About the Presenter

QuickBooks is a game-changer, providing data and insights that no one has without it. Only when you can see the numbers and interpret what they mean for the business can you truly begin to think strategically and make moves to grow.

Will Clanton, CPA
Founder of Precise MGMT

Will has helped countless entrepreneurs launch and scale their ventures through financial literacy and tax management. A financial prodigy, Will started preparing tax returns for family and friends while in high school. Recognized for his natural ability, Will has been sought-after by some of the most prominent accounting firms in the New York metropolitan area. While making a full-time salary working one day a week, Will spent his spare time laying the foundation for Precise MGMT more than a decade ago. As founder and managing director, Will leads a team of experts and has grown the company into a multi-functional business management consulting firm. Now he is focused on sharing his breadth of knowledge and experience with those who are serious about building a successful business and transforming their lives.

As an entrepreneur and a CPA, Will understands exactly what business owners and accountants need to know.

The best part?
Will answers your questions live.

Will, the instructor, made it easy to follow his demonstration and understand QuickBooks.


Westwood Contracting, LL

Precise MGMT QuickBooks Webinars are so interactive. Will and Sylvia give us the floor to ask questions, and Will goes through them thoroughly. ... I've learned how essential QuickBooks Online is!


Will has excellent presentation skills and a pleasant demeanor.


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