Run Your Business Remotely—And Be Better than Ever Before

There’s no question: the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world—possibly forever. 

For those who used to work in an office, being forced to work from home probably sparked concerns. Can you deliver the same standard of service? How do you manage your team? Will you ever resume your usual operations? 

While we can hope to go back to the ‘old ways’, it’s prudent to accept a new norm. It could be this way for a very long time. The good news is that running your business remotely may be a blessing in disguise. 

Are you ready to let the current realities force you to find even more effective ways to run your business than before? Tips from the experts will help you get it right.  

Managing Communication

Are you feeling disconnected from your team? All this requires is an audit of your communication processes and implementing new guidelines that should eventually become your new habits. 

For starters, it’s wise to invest in communication software or project management programs. You’ll be surprised at how easy they make it to interact. Also, with everyone sharing on the same platform there’s no risk of messages or documents getting lost or forgotten on someone’s desk.

Next, implement a daily huddle. Meet with your entire team first thing each morning via Zoom, or other virtual meeting software on a daily basis. This allows the team members a quick minute or so to give an update on what they’re working on and more importantly, what they’re stuck on. You may think you don’t have the time for such a call, but consider how much time you’ll be saving with these quick check-ins rather than having to chase your team for updates. This daily huddle is essential in keeping open communication and projects moving forward while everyone works remotely.

Realize that Outsourcing Works

Let’s be realistic: certain aspects of your business may take more time than before and you may have more on your plate. For example, you have more logistical challenges to manage or, with imports affected by countries’ closed borders, you may have to find new suppliers. 

This is when you identify aspects of your business you can outsource, so you can free up your own and team members’ time:

In the long term, outsourcing will save you money and time, allowing you to focus on doing what you love. It allows you to benefit from experts supporting you in getting things done & improving your impact. Once you see the many ways it’s improved your business, you may opt to continue this approach indefinitely. 

Trust the Cloud—And reduce your risk of fraud

Does cybercrime cause some of your trepidations about remote working? You may have wanted to move your processes to the cloud but have avoided it because you’re not sure of how safe it is. You aren’t comfortable sharing such valuable information with anyone. But consider how beneficial it would be to have your own business manager reviewing your transactions. You will be notified if something is off, allowing you to handle it quickly and prevent theft. Having this second set of eyes provides you immeasurable protection from fraud, leaving you never have to worry about your numbers.

Final Thoughts

From education to planning family holidays to running your business, the virus forced us all to rethink life. But it’s not all bad. But consider how these new habits may be what your business needed all along.

Never worry about your numbers again. We’re here to take care of financial backend tasks that you hate doing, so you can focus on doing what you love.