Disc Assessment Coaching

Let’s help you better manage one of your business’ best assets: your team.

When employees improve communication and leverage their strengths—instead of focusing on their weak points—your team will see improved productivity. But, each member of your team is unique, so you all need to understand yourselves and each other better to achieve those results you’re after. Let’s help you do that with DISC assessment…and then we take it one step further: coaching you on how to use the results to your benefit.

We can do that and more.

What is DISC and Why Do You Need it?

William Moulton Marston formulated the DISC theory as a method to assess behavior. The theory incorporates four different personality traits:

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steadiness
  • Conscientiousness

When you understand how these traits play a role in your own and others’ behavior styles, you can plan effectively how to get the most out of your team. And our team of experts will help your team with testing AND formulating a plan to use the valuable data.

Common Management Problems can be a Thing of the Past

Do you often experience any of the following with your team? 

  • Frustration about managing certain individuals
  • Conflict and personality clashes between employees
  • Miscommunication
  • Team members are stuck instead of growing
  • Low productivity

You may think that it’s an inevitable part of managing employees, but it doesn’t have to be.

Of course, no office environment will ever be perfect, but many of your daily frustrations CAN be managed based on DISC assessment feedback. With coaching, your whole team can:

  • Become more focused
  • Be better at communicating
  • Find new purpose and drive for their work 
  • Discover which roles suit which person the best
  • Have practical plans for their futures

Don’t you want to look forward to conflict-free workdays?

Testing: The Key to Understanding

At the moment you and your team may not understand yourselves or each other. A DISC assessment of each person will show you how to better manage them. If you know who is analytical, you know which tasks to give to him or her. And you’ll know to position talkative individuals in such a way in the office layout so they don’t bother the more private team members. 

With us, the test is as easy as going online and filling out the questionnaire. Our experts then provide a valuable report based on the findings.

Coaching: The Secret to Implementation

Having the outcome of a DISC test is already valuable, but it does take insight to effectively utilize that information and not let blind spots affect your team dynamics. Our team members are experts at coaching others on how to use the information. We can help you ensure the best outcome, productivity and career satisfaction of all team members.

This is all possible thanks to a PDP (Personal Development Plan) we can help you create for each team member. We don’t offer you a theory: action steps are included, providing you with a PRACTICAL solution. 

If you’re a manager, allow us to show you how to help your team develop effectively. It benefits them AND your company.

Which Package Does Your Business Need?

You have a budget to manage and productivity goals to chase. We cater to a wide range of business requirements, offering manageable pricing matched with quality services.

Ready to Build a Winning Team?

Business leaders have been using DISC assessments for years. When you incorporate our coaching with the valuable data, you’re set for high productivity and success.

Improving your business is possible. And it starts with your team.

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