Small Business Owners: Do What You Love

When last could you honestly say the following: ‘I love what I do.’


Unfortunately, a large percentage of business owners often end up dreading their daily roles.


Here's good news: it’s easier than you think to get back to that sweet spot in the business where everything makes sense again. Many business owners miss out on this because they don’t take a moment to incorporate the right resources into their businesses.


Does that sound like work again? 'Incorporating.’


Read on to see how easy it is to fall in love with your business again.

What Keeps You from Doing What You Love?

You probably started your business to align with your passion, but responsibilities led to doing much less of what you’re passionate about. Do the following sound familiar?

  • You started a service company because you loved helping people. Now your team sees clients while you’re at the office handling scheduling and payroll.

  • You coach people online to share your skills, but you can’t focus during a session because you’re thinking about your to-do list.
  • You’re a medical provider with a passion for helping people heal. However, you spend the majority of your time in between patients and your ‘off-time’ clearing up the back-end office processes.

We all know running your own business will be challenging, but there’s an alternative way to run your company so that you’re able to get back to doing what you love.


Two Options

Automate it!

Technology, gadgets, and software exist that simplify workflows.


Benefits of Automation

  • Saving time, which you can use for the parts of your work you do love
  • More accuracy thanks to fewer human mistakes
  • Smoother workflow compared to manual work

Areas to Apply it in


Look at areas of your company that you find challenging or time-consuming. Chances are there are automation options available.


For example, our team helps business owners implement the latest solutions for managing finances, such as automating bill payments. You can focus on your business because the frustrating back-end tasks are taken care of – automatically!

Outsource it!


Are you protective of your business? You don’t want to relinquish control and it’s difficult to trust anyone but you—and perhaps your team—with business-related tasks. This is understandable but no business owner is an expert in all fields. You’re preventing growth where you’re not allowing experts to assist.


When partnering with the right service providers, you can have peace of mind about getting work done, while you get back to doing what you love.

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • Skilled experts handling your business interests, minimizing mistakes and leading to better outcomes. Think taxes done by someone who knows exactly what tax deductions you can apply for.

  • Freeing up time on your schedule. Use that time to once again dream about your business and doing what you're good at, instead of what’s necessary to survive.
  • Functioning in your sweet spot can improve your brand’s reputation and bottom line.


Eventually, paying for outsourced services can pay for itself—your refocused attention will lead to more profit and more time!

What Should You be Outsourcing?


There are multiple departments you can improve by partnering with experts, including:

  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Tax management
  • IT


We offer bookkeeping and accounting services that are helping our clients get back to what really matters to them. We worry about the numbers so you don’t have to.

Final Thoughts


What stands out to you while scanning this article? The biggest benefit is loads of time opening up on your schedule. Pair that with being less distracted by to-do lists, meetings, and late nights figuring out tasks you're not trained for and you can get back to your original dream...doing what you love!

Ready to get back to doing what you love? Getting a plan of action is just an easy (and free) phone call away.