Tax Season CAN Be Different – Better

Are you rushing around trying to get your taxes in order? Are your books in a mess? The deadline for business taxes is May 15th so, understandably for most business owners, your stress levels are high.


This year it’s probably exacerbated by the many ways Covid-19 affected businesses. Our message: don’t let taxes be another part of your life you have to worry about. As a small business owner, you’ve been through so much in the past year and there are ways to simplify matters like your tax returns.

Common Tax Challenges—Does This Seem Familiar?


One of the most common tax challenges for small business owners is not being able to file taxes on time. Sometimes books aren’t up to date, you’re even unable to find all your financial records or you don’t have time between other responsibilities to sort this out. You may also battle with:

  • Calculations
  • Filling out forms
  • Not sure how tax news affects you
  • Overpaying
  • Completing the wrong tax forms


Perhaps your accountant is on your case about your records or you realize you’re trusting the wrong tax practitioner. Some tax companies make grievous mistakes and mislead their clients. That’s why it’s important to select a reliable vendor to assist you with preparing your documentation.


Let’s show you how to get this taken care of this year.

What Can Be Different and Better?


The good news is there are different ways you can ease the burden of doing your taxes.

The Importance of Finding Alternatives in COVID Times

Social distancing during this tax season is extremely important during the COVID pandemic. You can file your taxes online so that you don’t have to visit a branch and put yourself at risk. Also, consider outsourcing the task—then you can concentrate on keeping your business running during COVID.

Simplify Tax-Related Tasks

There are practical organizational habits that will simplify your tax-related tasks. Start with a proper filing system so you have everything on hand but also consider automation. It minimizes manual tasks which results in fewer errors.

How Precise Can Help

Are you struggling to keep your books updated and avoiding tax penalties? You don’t have to handle your bookkeeping yourself. Precise can assist you with all your tax-related projects, helping you streamline this process. Because we believe in helping you with anything related to the numbers—so you can get back to what you love—we can even help with gathering necessary documents.


We also offer payroll assistance with automation to prevent mistakes. If you use QuickBooks we can provide training so you know how to work the system and optimize workflow.


Instead of doing half the work for your accountant, let us help you through each step of the process! Anything business tax-related—we’ve got this!

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing to a company to handle your finances will take the pressure off when tax season arrives. Speed up the tax process so you can concentrate on other important aspects of your business. Precise ensures that your bookkeeping is up to date and all financial records are correct.