The Meeting Rhythm – The Heartbeat of the Organization

The Meeting Rhythm
The Heartbeat of the Organization
Adapted from Scaling Up Mastering the Rockefeller Habits 2.0 Verne Harnish

At the heart of a team’s performance is a rhythm of well-run daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual meetings.Verne Harnish

Many of us hate meetings. We attempt everything to stay out of meetings. Many companies make excuses for not meeting regularly. Either they say they don’t have time or we see each other all day anyway. The problem is that your meetings have no alignment or no focus. When you are scaling a business, meetings are critical. Not only are they critical, but they are also the foundation to communicating throughout the organization what you are building and holding your team accountable.

I had this dream years ago that I could be a consultant who would lead a team by just letting everyone do their own thing and when the work is complete, notify me. This is vastly different than what I thought. If you have more than one person on the team, you need to make sure you have meetings the are consistent. The consistency of the meetings brings rhythm to the organization. Rhythm is everything if you are attempting to get momentum.

Rockefeller Habit # 3 says “If communication rhythm is established information moves through the organization accurately and quickly.”

Implementation of the Rockefeller Habit #3 means:

  • All employees are in a daily huddle that lasts less than 15 minutes
  • All teams have a weekly meeting
  • The executive and middle manager meet for a day of learning, resolving big issues, and DNA transfer each month.
  • Quarterly and annually, the executive and middle managers meet offsite to work on the business.

What’s stopping you from Implementing Rockefeller Habit #3?

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