TSheets Case Study: IT Company Reduces Hours on Billing and Processing Payroll

QuickBooks App: TSheets

Meet Brian Murphy.  When Brian started Murph Consulting in 2007 his goal was to stop the patronizing approach that occurs far too often between most IT firms and their clients.  Murph believes that “running a business is hard enough – the last thing you should have to worry about is your IT support.” We totally agree with Murph – “Running a business is hard enough” – for us the last thing you should have to worry about is your billing & payroll.

When we first met with Murph, he was using spreadsheets in order to calculate the amount he needed to pay his employees. Then he was keying the hours by the client into QuickBooks manually in order to bill for their time.  These processes were costing Murph valuable hours every two weeks. He had another really big problem. He was scaling his business. He is known as the “help desk with a heart.” He does not nickel and dime his clients.  This was causing a huge demand for his services. He needed to hire more people and knew that his existing process was not going to work based upon where his business was headed. He was the leader of the company and this task was on his shoulders.  Not to mention the pressure from his accountant every two weeks when it was time to process payroll.

TSheets QuickBooks App


The technicians at Murph Consulting need to bill their time for each job, and each technician can travel to several jobs a day.  Murph was growing, and he wanted to make sure he stayed in line with his Core: “The Help Desk with a Heart.” He needed to be able to eliminate time that was not billable to clients efficiently. The manual process of entering billable versus non-billable time for each job and client for payroll was becoming a nightmare.  We advised Murph to implement T-Sheets into his business.


Effortless Time Tracking

Since working with Precise, employees can clock in and out from their mobile devices.  They track time according to customers and even enter any reimbursable expenses. The timesheets automatically appear in QuickBooks Online, helping to reduce the time it takes to bill clients.  Murph continues to grow and now he is more efficient and ready to bring on new employees without increasing his time to process payroll.

If you are in need of a help desk with a heart, you can check him out here.  Just tell him that Precise sent you. https://murphconsulting.com/


The Benefits of Using Precise to Implement Tsheets

Precise MGMT is a Small Business Management & Consulting Firm.  We help clients get from where they are to where they want to be.  That means that our implementation plan is always based upon our clients’ needs.  We execute implementation for Tsheets within 10 days. We guarantee 100% money back if our implementation services don’t deliver what we promised.  Tsheets can be a game changer for your business – that is what keeps us excited to implement Tsheets for our clients. We did not just make the suggestion and walk away.  We created an execution plan and walked Murph through step by step what needed to be done.  We love creating systematic solutions to help entrepreneurs do what they love!