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Making the Leap

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Presented by Precise MGMT & Have Better Conversations

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Are you thinking about leaving your job to start a business? Or maybe you’re an early-stage entrepreneur bringing in less than $100K annually and struggling to attract clients, make sales and cover expenses?

Then this FREE webinar series is for you.

So many new business owners get stuck when they can’t stop thinking like an employee and start strategizing like an entrepreneur. Business advisor Will Clanton of Precise MGMT and conversation coach Louis Melendez of Have Better Conversations designed the series to help early-stage entrepreneurs overcome these obstacles to win early and often.

You’ll learn how to:

Talk about yourself & your business in a way that attracts clientsSet up the business entity that’s right for youThink about & manage money like an entrepreneur andGet comfortable talking about pricing

Upcoming Webinars

Mar 29, 2022 at 1 p.m.Webinar Three: Your Money Mindset with Will Clanton & Louis MelendezHow to think about & manage money as an entrepreneur & avoid common pitfalls

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Past Webinars

Jan 25, 2022 at 1 p.m.Webinar One: Your Business Elevator Pitch with Louis Melendez (Recording Here)How to get comfortable talking about yourself & your business so you can attract clients & make money

Feb 22, 2022 at 1 p.m.Webinar Two: Your Tax-Smart Business Strategy with Will Clanton (Recording Here)How to set up the entity – S Corp, C Corp or LLC – that’s right for you & enlist a strategy that wins the tax game

About the Presenters

Louis Melendez

Communications Coach & Sales TrainerFounder of Have Better Conversations

Louis helps people find the words they need to get what they want – whether it’s a new job, promotion or closed deal. After selling $5M+ in digital ads at Yelp and raising $4M+ for nonprofits at Charitybuzz, Louis founded Have Better Conversations to teach others how to confidently and effectively communicate in their professional and personal lives. He leads highly interactive virtual group trainings, which cover immediately implementable practices for improving business outcomes, for companies like Salesforce, ClassPass, Ethena and Yelp. He also offers one-on-one coaching to high-performing individuals, such as corporate executives, sales leaders, doctors and lawyers. In addition, Louis is the co-founder of Workflo, a unique corporate team-building experience using music to make connections and create community.

Will Clanton

Business Advisor & Virtual CFOFounder of Precise MGMT

Will has helped countless entrepreneurs launch and scale their ventures through financial literacy and tax management. A financial prodigy, Will started preparing tax returns for family and friends while in high school. Recognized for his natural ability, Will has been sought-after by some of the most prominent accounting firms in the New York metropolitan area. While making a full-time salary working one day a week, Will spent his spare time laying the foundation for Precise MGMT more than a decade ago. As founder and managing director, Will leads a team of experts and has grown the company into a multi-functional business management consulting firm. Now he is focused on sharing his breadth of knowledge and experience with those who are serious about building a successful business and transforming their lives.

Louis and Will break down the challenges early-stage entrepreneurs face.

Trusted By


“Louis’s workshops are fun and engaging, and his communication tactics are effective and memorable. Louis’s training has 100% contributed to my team’s increased confidence when pitching their clients.”

Kinsey Livingston

VP of Partnerships at ClassPass

“Will and the team at Precise MGMT have been one of the best things that’s ever happened to my business and my life! As an executive coach, my days are filled with client calls, research and study. I found bookkeeping, sending contracts and other essential back end tasks to be tedious, annoying and sometimes impossible. With Will’s valuable advice and the help of the team, now I can concentrate on mastering my craft and providing the service I enjoy.”

Bryan Winston

Founder of Bryan Winston Coaching

“Working with Louis is nothing short of exciting! He is passionate, thoughtful and engaged. I came to him with a suggestion of putting on a larger training for my company, and he absolutely ran with it and proceeded to deliver one of the most celebrated trainings year-to-date for our business unit..”

Jill Santos

Regional VP at Salesforce

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