What a Year!

What a Year!

Let me start off by disclaiming that the first line was not mine. I swiped it from one of my client’s Christmas cards.

William Clanton wearing a Heart MonitorThat line fit 2018 pretty well.  See last year – I thought it was over for me.  The picture is a picture of me wearing a heart monitor recommended by my cardiologist.  

It all started when I needed to get some teeth pulled.  The dental assistant told me they could not sedate me as my heart was beating irregularly.

Before seeing the cardiologist I remember freaking out.

For starters I did not know where I stood.  I did not know if the bill was paid….

I remember having conversations with my wife to make sure our insurance policy was up to date.

Come on – I’ve got a wife and three kids and two are college bound.

Indeed it was a false alarm, but it made me realize two things, that most small business owners are in the same situation as me.

  1. They don’t know where they stand.
  2. Life is short.

Since I realize my time is short, I choose going forward to only connect with business owners who have skin in the game. (Not a huge business that is using someone else’s capital, who really don’t care how much they waste).

I understand that we need to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

It’s challenging to do what we do, but indeed I love every minute of it!

Like I mentioned above, the first problem is most business owners don’t know where they stand.  They can’t get accurate information or feedback to get a true picture of where they are at. The numbers don’t lie.  They either choose not to understand the numbers or they have someone providing them that lacks the experience to provide them.

The second problem is if you ask them where they want to be, they usually can’t answer that question either.

So there you have it. I’ve come to a conclusion if we can’t have a conversation or if we are unable to coach out of a business owner what they want – then they are not a client for us.  How can we meet the expectations of business owners who don’t know what they want?

It’s 2019 and my heart is fine.  It was a false alarm. I don’t know when my time will sunset here but this one thing I know.  I’m not going to waste time with people who don’t know what they want. It is my mission to make sure every day of my life I’m adding value to someone’s life.  I will use Precise MGMT to be a vehicle to Transform the Lifestyle of the Small Business Owner.

Signing off until next time,

Will Clanton

PS:  You didn’t wake up to be mediocre, so do something awesome today! (not mine, but absolutely appropriate to share)

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